AVG Secure Browser

What is AVG Secure Browser?

Looking for a Tracking-Protected Browser? Worried about your privacy? AVG Secure Browser is your ultimate solution for web surfing. The browser typically comes with the AVG antivirus package as an extra element for data protection, but you can also install it separately by downloading it from the developer’s website. It runs flawlessly together with other browsers and antiviruses.

The main Features

  • The app serves a variety of functions, such as:
  • Keeping your online activities under control;
  • Keeping anyone from tracking your actions online and collecting your digital traces;
  • Protecting your confidentiality;
  • Blocking tracking and leakage of personal data without slowing down your PC;
  • Stopping phishing and malicious websites from opening.

The provider recommends using this secure web browser when:

  • Performing financial transactions online;
  • Making purchases in online stores;
  • Looking to hide your actions from being monitored by websites;

There are two major advantages of Secure Browser: It’s absolutely free and has a Security and Privacy Center to centrally manage your traffic.

Security Center

The Security & Privacy Center displays active protection tools. You can run additional security components that are disabled by default. If you also use AVG antivirus, you’ll have access to a password manager, storing account data in a protected place.

The browser is equipped with a built-in ad blocker, Adblock, which will save network traffic and speed up the loading time for web pages. The No Authentication feature will block websites from tracking information about your web browser and actions performed.

How to use Secure Browser

The product is built on the Chromium engine, an open-source project developed by the community in collaboration with Google, Opera, Yandex, Nvidia, and other companies.

One click starts clearing the history of visited sites, deleting cached images and files, cookies, and download history, which protects your privacy and frees the hard drive from temporary and unnecessary files.

When invisibility mode is activated, a special window is launched that blocks the tracking of actions and uses a secure encrypted communication channel. When you close it, the history of visited sites is automatically cleared.

Extension protection blocks the installation of plugins (add-ons) for browsers with a bad reputation. At the same time, reliable extensions will be free to install and function without restrictions.

Flash technology has long been criticized for its slow performance and security concerns. In the browser settings, you can turn off Flash content on website pages to reduce page load time and increase security.

The secure payments mode will protect your confidential information (credit card numbers, identification information) when shopping in online stores, making bank payments online.

The browser doesn’t eat up much of your RAM. You’re free to run it on any system, starting with Windows 7.

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