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The main factors to take into account when comparing Data Room providers

One of the most important objects of cloud technology is Virtual Data Room – a model of online storage, in which data is stored on multiple servers distributed on the network.

Virtual Data Room – an optimal solution for your company

The main purpose of informatization is to provide the company with the necessary and sufficient information in all spheres of activity, increase productivity based on large-scale use of information technology, increase economic potential, improve socio-economic conditions.

The amount of information that needs to be stored is growing at an astonishing rate. Those volumes of memory that a year ago seemed unrealistically large, today are filled in a few weeks. And if for home use you can solve the problem for a while by buying another hard drive, then for organizations and businesses, for those who need large amounts of memory for professional activities, the only solution can be only network storage like Virtual Data Room (VDR). This system, in addition to storing information, also ensures its security, which is also quite relevant.

Recently, leading software companies have realized the importance of data warehousing and the need to take tools to create a tool and technology environment that minimizes the cost of creating Data Rooms and makes the process accessible to the general public. The advantages of the VDR service are the completeness of functionality along with openness, scalability, and performance, which are the main qualities of relational databases of leading developers.

Data Room information is mostly confidential and its disclosure can result in serious losses for the corporation. Therefore, the network security policy should ensure the creation of such a perimeter of information protection around the VDR, which would meet the requirements of long-term, reliable, and secure storage.

How to choose a Data Room provider?

There are a large number of “cloud” platforms that differ in services, prices, download speeds, and other characteristics. Features, computing power, and price range may vary depending on the configuration, which may make it difficult to choose. In addition, different Data Room providers may offer the same-looking packages at different prices. Why does this happen and what criteria should a good service meet?

First of all, it is necessary to understand that decision-making in favor of cloud services significantly affects the company’s financial model, as there is no longer a need to buy equipment, deploy and maintain it. You can use the cloud service as an outsourcing service and pay a subscription fee, the amount of which will depend on the required IT capacity and various additional services if desired.

In search of a hosting service for the cloud service, pay attention to:

  • Choosing between SSD and HDD drives. Some projects are more demanding on performance, and others – no, but why overpay for an SSD, if you have enough HDD.
  • Availability of backup. Of course, each user is responsible for backing up their projects, but when adding this option is provided by the hoster, it is not superfluous.
  • Availability of protection (firewall, protection against DDoS attacks, etc.). You can always order a protection service for your project from a specialized provider, but the server as a whole must be protected.
  • Ease of porting and managing your applications to the cloud (such as integration with Docker).
  • Ability to choose the location of your VDR.
  • Convenient and clear hosting control panel.
  • The presence of a test period.
  • Speed of access to the server after activation.
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